by Federico Ronca - 23/09/2019 - 12:08

Is it possible to combine healthy meals options and convenience in every-day life? There are startups working to offer new alternatives and solutions. If you like smoothies you should definitely meet our Foodtech Village Community member, MILLO!

Who is Ruslanas?

I’m a person that loves to solve problems creatively. I thrive when presented with a challenge I need to solve from scratch, the type you start solving on a blank sheet of paper. But it has to be something with a good purpose too. What always drove me as an entrepreneur is knowing that the problems I’m solving are going to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives, beyond just making money.

I’m a huge triathlon enthusiast and enjoy planning and training for races. This is what led me to rethink the blender with MILLO. A few years ago, when my daughter was born, my only opportunity to train was very early in the morning. My post-workout smoothie would wake up the entire family, and I realized the blender as it is today is not much different from when it was first created about a hundred years ago! That was my challenge on a blank sheet of paper,  and the outcome was the MILLO  blender.


What is Millo Appliances?

We are a Foodtech company that wants to help people prepare healthier food with the help of technology. Life has become more fast-paced, urban, and stressful. People are spending less time to prepare healthy meals, and opting for convenience over health. We think these shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Technology, which is making our lives easier in so many areas, has not yet disrupted our kitchens or nutrition that much. We want to change that, making technology work to make healthy nutrition more convenient, starting with the MILLO blender.

The blender itself uses a completely new, magnetic coupling technology that makes it not only more silent, but also safer and more convenient. The MILLO blender doesn’t need to be locked into place thanks to its brushless technology. The technology, which we call AirDrive, was created and patented by us. Apart from that, the blender is controlled using a very simple touchpad or via a phone app.

We created the MILLO to be beautiful as well as functional. Scandinavian minimalist design had a big influence. Again, we wanted to completely rethink the blender and the outcome took us somewhere we see as quite different from the kitchen appliance category. We want it to be something people are proud to have standing not only in the kitchen, but in their living rooms or anywhere else in the home.

What’s the best thing that happened to Millo Appliances so far?

Every day great things happen to MILLO. We get a lot of love from our supporters, the media and investors. So far, we raised a total of €1.5 million in investment and our Kickstarter

campaign in 2017 raised over €100,000 in less than 30 days. Mashable featured MILO describing  the MILLO blender as something Apple would have designed, if they did blenders. We’ve recently attended various trade shows, and had great reactions from everyone that comes past the booth, including some of the world’s top chefs when we met them at Sweden Foodtech’s The Big Meet. Everyone is looking forward to getting their hands on a MILLO.

One of the best things to happen was very early on. It ultimately led to the MILLO as it is now. While I was coming up with reinventing the blender, I saw my daughter playing with a magnetic toy. The toy had two dancing figures rotating with the aid of magnets. This gave me the inspiration for creating the magnetic coupling technology behind the MILLO blender.

Why do you think this is now the time? 

We’ve gotten further with technology in the last 30 years than we would have ever imagined. Computers that would fill an entire room 50 years ago now fit in our pockets. Terms like AI, AR, machine learning and autonomous driving are common to hear every day. Yet in terms of food and nutrition, we haven’t advanced at the same pace. This is especially the case for the blender. Today, we face growing risks to our health and wellbeing with stress and obesity. So there is a lot to do for Foodtech. We want to play a part in that.

Your message to the world: 

I think we need to reconsider at a higher level how we think about nutrition. This is something that should be more important when it comes to educating our children, at school or at home. If I had a billboard where I could write a message, I would tell people to think as much about their health and wellbeing as they do about their careers and money. Life is a journey, and it’s enjoyed best by being happy and healthy.

If you want to know more about Millo Appliances and follow their news, please check out: Instagram (@milloblender), Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@getmillo) channels and, of course, the website: getmillo.com, where you can also sign up to their newsletter and stay updated on the latest as they are preparing to bring thier products to the shelves in early 2020.