MEET THE STARTUPS - 1st Nordic Agri-Foodtech Bootcamp in Israel

by Federico Ronca - 27/06/2019 - 12:43


Read more below about the 10 amazing startups that have been part of the 1st Nordic Agri-Foodtech Bootcamp in Israel. From Sweden and Denmark, working for a new and more sustainable food system. From smart farming to circular systems, from alternative proteins to new packaging solutions… enjoy!


Ecobloom focuses on smart and sustainable in-home gardens. The primary focus is to offer a miniature greenhouse with its own self-sustaining aquaponic ecosystem, capable of growing herbs, lettuce and other vegetables all year round. Read more here:

Innoscentia develops analog and digital sensors that indicate the exact status of packed perishable products (meat, fruits etc.), thereby extending their shelf life. Has the potential to replace date labeling. Read more here:

The Loop Factory:
The loop factory provides a technical production and material solution to produce renewable packaging. Custom-engineered sustainable packaging solutions are also offered. Read more here:


Brannatura produces sustainable plant-based beverages in the category of ‘milk alternatives’, with the main differentiator being the high nutritional profile of the products – close to cow milk – which is under patent application together with the production process. Read more here:

Circular Food Technology:
Up-cycling spent grains from beer & Whisky production into 4 specialty flours, to be used by professional (Bakeries, industrial) and private customers. Read more here:

NatuRem Bioscience:
NatuRem Bioscience is active within the production of healthy, sustainable and affordable microalgae-based ingredients (powders) as an Alternative/ supplement to milk, soy and animal protein, palm oil and fish meal, etc. Read more here:

Nordetect helps farmers and agronomists optimize fertilizer use with disposable Lab-on-a-Chip tests and embedded AI hardware. The product provides a rapid chemical test for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in soil and water samples. We target extension services and agri-advisory companies as customers. Read more here:

Nordic Quinoa:
Nordic Quinoa works with organic Quinoa Seed produced by Danish farmers. It is transferring quinoa seed to food as quinoa beer (glutenfree), quinoa icecream (gluten and lactose-free) and quinoa bread. Nordic Quinoa aims to establish contact to an international network of capital and production and sales channels of quinoa food. Read more here:

Pharma Score:
Pharma Score is a software company tracking animal livestock medical information across the entire value chain. The goal is to establish a 100% digitized farm-to-fork medicine certification for meat at supermarkets and retail level globally. Read more here:

Refarmed has developed a building-integrated horticultural concept that exploits residual resources (heat, water, bio-waste) from its customers' buildings. The costumers are in catering and retail and are provided with greens and herbs. Read more here:

If you are interested in hearing more or getting in touch with them, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

MEET THE STARTUPS - 1st Nordic Agri-Foodtech Bootcamp in Israel