by Federico Ronca - 31/05/2019 - 11:45

Viktor Hägg, Stockholm.

Foodtech is all about being disruptive and combining the unexpected. And what could be more unexpected than combining foodtech with art? Introducing FOODTECHxART!

As Foodtech Village Live is going bigger than ever, we are looking to push ourselves and how we present the future of food. No more boring stock photos, as four amazing artists have collaborated with us to interpret the four themes.


Personalized Food by Charlotte Persson

Personalized Food is when you combine tech with what we consume to optimize it for our bodies as well as for the planet. And that’s exactly what Charlotte has done as well. By making patterns with actual food and digitalizing it she has made the connection between tech and organics, and created something unique for us.


Future City by Öja School, Grade 1-2

Half a day of intense brainstorming, discussions and painting resulted in “The House of the Future”. Faced with the facts that we will be 10 billion people on this planet by 2050, with 70% living in cities, this group of young artists created something genius. The house is an almost perfect eco-system with a robot kitchen, urban farm and a mandatory candy store.


Next-Gen Food by Percival A. Trexin

Instagram: @pa.trexin

We need to change the way we eat. The way we produce and consume food today is killing our planet and Percival A. Trexin agrees. With his unique style of creating characters we have been blessed with an injection of color in the Next-Gen Food area.


Zero-Waste by Robert Larsson / Moral

To quote the artist himself, “We're slipping on a social banana peel when we disregard food that's wrongfully considered bad or broken”. This is absolutely true and the whole point of the Zero-Waste area. Robert has gone completely bananas in his interpretation of Zero-Waste in a way that Andy Warhol would be proud of.


Live Art Installation

Instagram: @dynamitklubben @johnkihlstattoo @loveochlove

On top of this, the opening day (June 5th) will feature a live art creation in The Village. Four artist will paint a temporary wall as the festival kicks off and you can enjoy this spectacle whilst sitting back, sipping on a cold glass of kombucha with some tempeh tacos to snack on.


Great food, great art, drinks and lots of sun and fun in Kungsträdgården, June 5th-9th. Don’t miss it!