Stockholms Stadsmission at Smaka på Stockholm

by Federico Ronca - 30/04/2019 - 12:35

Viktor Hägg, Hägersten, Stockholm.

Did you know that Smaka på Stockholm – Future Food Festival aims to be the first major food festival with zero food waste? It’s true! One of the key players in helping with this mission is Stockholms Stadsmission (Stockholm City Mission) and their side operation Matcentralen.

Founded in 2015, Matcentralen is a hub where they collect and distribute donated food to their social supermarket Matmissionen and their food bank, a distribution service. Last year Matcentralen received more than 600 tons of edible food about to be thrown in the garbage. Products about to expire, dented boxes and bruised vegetables all find their way here. Tove Larsson, Head of Operations, explains the very ambitious goal to triple the amount of food received within four years. To succeed they are now looking to expand.

Stockholms Stadsmission at Smaka på Stockholm

Tove Larsson, Head of Operations – Matcentralen.

In order to save more food and reach more people Matcentralen is planning to open another social supermarket in the northern part of Stockholm. They already have one, Matmissionen Hägersten, in the south of the city. Matmissionen is based on three pillars:

  • Giving people with a lower income a better ability to control their own food habits, through a membership. Everyone is welcome to shop in the store but as a member you receive an additional 70% discount.
  • Offer work training in both the store and at the distribution hub. This program has been very successful and about 50% of the participants have found employment or started studying as a result.
  • Saving the planet, by reducing food waste.

Tove is not worried about competition, she encourages it. There is plenty of food waste to go around. Sometimes more than Matcentralen can handle, like when they were offered 140 pallets of Christmas Crispbread. Instead, what they need more of is fresh produce, like fruits and vegetables, and some of the more popular dry goods like flour and sugar. As it is now, customers still have to visit another store to be able to cross everything off the shopping list. The goal is to make Matmissionen the only stop needed before dinner.

Deliveries are coming in daily and Matcentralen cooperates with about 30 different companies, ranging from online shops to wholesalers and grocery stores. As a partner, you are free to advertise your collaboration with Matcentralen. This is a great way for companies looking to step up their CSR initiatives beyond just reducing food waste.

In addition to their social supermarkets, the food bank of Matcentralen supplies eight organizations in 25 locations around the city. They bring groceries for them to cook and serve people in need of a meal.

Not only will Matcentralen help with our zero-waste ambition for the festival. They will also be present at the Foodtech Village Live. This is a great opportunity for curious visitors to learn more about their organization and meet Tove with her team. They are looking forward to talking to people about different kinds of food waste and how to avoid it. For example, did you know that a lot of waste occurs even before it arrives at grocery stores?

Meet them and many more interesting entrepreneurs working to save the future at the Foodtech Village Live at Smaka på Stockholm – Future Food Festival, June 5-9. For more info, click here!


Stockholms Stadsmission at Smaka på Stockholm