by Federico Ronca - 15/04/2019 - 11:26

Who is Fredrik?

I’m 22 and have studied Electrical Engineering at Chalmers in Gothenburg. Originally I’m from Stockholm. Last semester at my exchange at the University of California, Berkeley, I learned about how seaweed can be used to reduce methane emissions from cows. Knowing how much the worlds 1,5 billion cows contribute to global warming I got very excited that there could be a way to solve this. In December 2018 I decided to put my studies aside and together with Viggo Forsberg, Leo Wezelius and Angelo Demeter we have founded the company Volta Greentech to take on this challenge. I have been very into software and electronics for a long time which is as far as you can come from what I’m working on now. The past summers I have learned tremendously working at Northvolt who is building Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory in Sweden to enable the transition to electric transport and renewable energy. What I bring from my time at Northvolt into this new project is maybe not the knowledge of software and batteries, but rather how much more exciting and meaningful it is to work on a challenge with a vision to solve problems that is really impactful and really can make a difference. With Volta Greentech, we can make a huge contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate global warming and that is what motivates our team. 

What is Volta Greentech?

In 2018 Bill Gates stated that if cows were a country, it would rank third in greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing methane emissions from cows has been a missing puzzle piece in mitigating global warming. 

Volta is working on how to solve this challenge by developing a natural feed supplement made from a specific type of seaweed, Asparagopsis taxiformis, which when fed to cows as 1-2% (~150 gram) of their daily food intake reduces the methane produced by enteric fermentation (farts and burps) by 50-80%. This has been proven by researchers at the University of California and at James Cook University in Australia.  

Reducing methane emissions is one part, the other part is helping farmers make money by reducing their emissions. When farmers use our feed to drastically reduce methane emissions, their value proposition is that the beef and dairy products can be sold at a premium price to consumers who value environmentally friendly products. Legislations to reduce methane emissions from cattle is also on the way, and our feed supplement help farmers meet these legislations. In California, USA, farmers are required to reduce methane emissions by 40% by 2030. 


What’s the best thing that happened to Volta Greentech so far?

Taking on such a complex and impactful challenge as this has its ups and downs for sure. The best thing about this project is the support and excitement we get from people around us. So many people reach out and want to engage and help us on this challenge and that is amazing. 

Why do you think this is now the time? 

If the world doesn’t manage to reduce greenhouse gases drastically soon we will have a big problem. 

Your message to the world: 

Work on something important. It is easier to work on a difficult problem than an easy problem. 

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Volta Greentech is looking for collaborations: forward-thinking farmers, dairies, grocery chains, angel investors! If you are interested or know someone who might be, please email [email protected].