by Federico Ronca - 08/04/2019 - 13:31

Who is behind Hollbium?

Hollbium is an all-female tech startup that is here to revolutionize the relationship between sustainable food supply and wellbeing! We are three founders, Diana (CEO), LouLou (CTO) and Stina (COO). Diana is an ex-management consultant at EY specializing in Financial Performance Management, LouLou is a Computer Science student at KTH, and Stina is an ex-management consultant in Sustainability Services at ÅF.


What is Hollbium

Hollbium has developed our own indoor farming solution and offers it as a subscription service for organizations/businesses, particularly in urban cities.

 This reduces the business’s (and the city’s) climate impact, creates a more resilient food supply in the local community, and increases wellbeing by reconnecting urban dweller to nature through farming

Our smart growing system, Hollbium Loop, is based on hydroponic technology that reduces water consumption by 90% when compared to soil-based farming. With our AI-technology and holistic service, we make it effortless to grow food all year through a circular business model

What’s the best thing that happened to Hollbium so far?

Things are happening very fast and every day brings new exciting challenges to take on. One of the best things was when we realized that as an all-female tech startup we are very much disrupting the norm in the tech scene. This fact together with our mission to build a sustainable future for food makes all of us very proud.

Another thing was that we as a team had set very ambitious goals of signing our first pilot project with a client in May/June. We started the process of reaching out to potential collaborators at the beginning of March and had our all-time favorite property developer Kungsleden jumping onboard the pilot in March.

Why do you think this is now the time?

Looking out on the world one can easily see that there is a clear shift towards climate adaptability and resilience happening right now. We see that in the changes in how people eat, work and live their lives. Those trends and the population growth will put more and more pressure on traditional agriculture. The time for change is now.

Your message to the world:

“Together we will plant the seeds of change”.

If you want to know more about Hollbium and follow their news, please check out:

Instagram: @hellohollbium
Facebook: Hollbium
Website: www.hollbium.com