by Federico Ronca - 28/03/2019 - 15:35

Who is Kaveh? And who are your teammates?

We are a team of five professionals with different backgrounds but sharing the same vision. We all want to develop the best platform for groceries worldwide. In our team we have Omid Ghanbari CEO, Behrang Ehteshamy COO, Raphel Ridha Dev, Steeve Leenmark CTO, Harald Svensson Dev, Daniel De Rosso SEO guru and me, Kaveh Sabeghi the CMO.

What is Matspar.se?

Matspar.se is a price-comparison site for grocery. Our unique selling proposition is that we compare the total price on each and every unique cart every time you as a consumer buy groceries. We help the consumer to save time and money. You can save up to 30% each time you do shopping online through Matspar.
How does it work? We like to explain it with the following three words: "Klick Kick Kaching". Fill up your cart with whatever products you want (Klick), send it to the cheapest grocery store (Kick) and pay for your groceries (Kaching). You´ve just saved a lot of money!


What’s the best thing that happened to Matspar.se so far?

There are several great things! Our growth is obviously one of them, but also very important collaborations we started with big data analytics companies in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry.

Why do you think this is now the time?

It is absolutely the time! Nowadays, every grocery retailer is investing a huge amount of money in e-commerce. The whole segment is actually investing a lot of time, money and resources for developing FMCGs e-commerce.

Your message to the world:

We are the consumers' best friend! Matspar today is on what we call “1.0” stage. We are going to personalize Matspar.se up to a level that will definitely revolutionize the grocery shopping!  

If you want to know more about Matspar.se and follow their news, please check out:

Website: www.matspar.se
Facebook: Matspar.se
Instagram: @matspar_se