Sweden Foodtech Center: an inspiring arena for students

by Federico Ronca - 25/02/2019 - 15:04

Sweden Foodtech is also about inspiration. During the last weeks, we've been receiving several delegations of companies and mostly students. If we keep talking about the future of food, we need to make sure that future generations are properly aware and engaged in this mission. And trust us, they are. They only need the right tools.

From our side, we can offer our experience and vision. Give them some examples. The best practices obviously come from our Foodtech Village Community, where more than a hundred super-hero entrepreneurs work every day for the next-gen food systems. New products and new solutions for better food, better taste, better world. 

Meeting with the entrepreneurs, for many students means gaining a new perspective. A professional perspective or just a point of view on the future. From the questions they make, it's easy to understand how they feel close to the “future of food” issues. How to eat, how to cook but also how to waste less and get healthier diet options. These are the main topics we've been exploring with fresh minds coming from different schools and countries. 

For example, together with Invest Stockholm, we set-up a workshop for a students delegation from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Main focus: sustainability and new strategies to improve the food supply-chain efficiency.  After that, we hosted a group from Declic Entreprendre, the association of entrepreneurship and innovation of NEOMA Business School, in France. Coming to visit Stockholm on a startup tour, the French students had the chance to reflect on the challenges of the food industry and learn more about the potential of insect-foods. To inspire them, we'invited Tebrito, one of the most active startups dealing with new proteins opportunities coming from insects. 

More students workshop and seminars are on our spring calendar at the Sweden Foodtech Center. We are proud to keep it open and inspiring for everyone who wants to explore the foodtech challenges and opportunities.