by Federico Ronca - 19/02/2019 - 12:33

Can you imagine taking a blood test that reveals unique insights about your body and helps you to eat better?
Well, our amazing Foodtech Village community member, Eatit allows you to do it. The journey to your new healthy lifestyle begins with a quick blood test and when the test results are in, the transformation can begin!

This time please meet… Eatit!


Who are you?

We are a team of 9 people with diverse backgrounds, mixed skill sets and with a passion for health, food and technology.

Eatit was founded by us, Theresia and Oytun, in 2016 with the vision of harnessing the potential of health and preference data in order to make good habits fun and convenient. As engineers, we love technology and data, but we soon realized that we needed medical skillsets if we are to give health recommendations, hence our medical doctor Anders and dietitian Matilda joined the team shortly after Eatit was founded.

Since our founding, the team has grown steadily with more developers and techies that shared our dreams of making good use of tech and data, which lead to recruitment of our two AI rockstars, Chun and Pedram, together with our main application rockstars Timmy, Antonios and Baran.

What it Eatit?

We are Eatit, the digital dietitian. Eatit combines the food you want to eat with the food you need to eat, in order to improve your health.

The food you want to eat is based on what you actually like to eat, such as your food habits and taste preferences. The data can give hints on if you usually bring lunch-boxes to work, if you make tacos on a Friday and much more.

The food you need to eat is based on your health data. Eatit works with blood markers, exercise data etcetera. This data helps the medical professionals understand what you might be deficient in and what you need to improve.

The combination of health and food data, together with a personal dietitian, creates tools and convenience for you to keep track on and improve your health.

What’s the best thing that happened to Eatit so far?

Eatit was at a four weeks program in Silicon Valley this autumn in order to validate the product in a global context. The insights from the visit helped develop Eatit further and understand the approach of other startups within the intersection of food, health and tech. We look forward to getting back to Silicon Valley and reconnect with our network over there.

Why do you think this is now the time?

By 2020, 2.3 exabytes of healthcare data will be generated every year. We are preparing for that future and want us as a collective not only generate health data, but also understand how that data can help us in our health ambitions.

Your message to the world:

Check us out on Eatit.io and join our waitlist to try our platform, Eatit.io/waitlist!