by Elena Freddi - 12/02/2019 - 13:19

In the big battle against plastic that’s been brewing for years, a small Swedish company is really trying to make a difference to save the environment, using leaves as plates. Please meet another amazing Foodtech Village Community Member: @Leafymade! Producing sustainable and biodegradable products that leave no ecological footprint, Suman, Vihn and their team are trying their best to find solutions to the world’s pollution. 

Headquartered in Sweden but producing in the Indian state of Odisha, where the use of leaves as plates has been a common practice for centuries, Leafymade also establishes good working conditions and fair salaries, providing a safety net for their employees. Please meet... Leafymade!


Who is Suman?

I am Suman and I am originally from India. Sweden gave me an opportunity to pursue my PhD studies in Geophysics. Post PhD, when I met my cofounders, Vinh Hoang and Meenu Choudhary, we got excited about the idea behind Leafymade. Besides, being an academic person, I had a great concern for the under privileged people in the remote locations of India. I wished to pursue a career where I can give back to society. Leafymade helps me to do exactly that and see the changes we make in the real world. Besides this Leafymade is all about providing a sustainable solution to the consumer.

What is Leafymade?

We are Leafymade and we help to keep our planet's sanity in place. We strive to replace the extensive use of plastic and paper in disposables with products made of natural material. Leafymade products are biodegradable, plastic and chemical free. Like our plates made of leaf and only leaf, that goes back to nature and leaves nothing behind. Similarly, our pots made of coconut fibres also follows circular lifecycle. While we do all this, we truly care for the community who are the tribal people of India who goes into the forest to collect leaves. We value our social entrepreneurship and commitments towards the underprivileged people. We do not leave anyone behind as well.


What’s the best thing that happened to Leafymade so far?

One aspect that amazed us is the response from the Swedish people. Most of them are aware of and concern about their individual carbon footprint and have shown a strong desire to change their lifestyle to be more sustainable in their consumption. Buoyed by this response we are pleased, encouraged and committed to providing them more sustainable alternatives in the disposable domain. The best thing about Leafymade project is that many people share our vision and value and have helped us in all possible way as they strongly desire Leafymade to be a success as the solution we provide is much needed in today’s world.

Why do you think this is now the time?;

The EU ban on single-use plastic and the growing awareness among the masses about having a sustainable lifestyle makes us believe that we are at the right time. Most people in Sweden strive their best to get rid of paper and plastic products and we feel that it is the best time for Leafymade to introduce alternative and more sustainable disposables products. At the same time, we feel that the whole world is worried about climate change and the United Nations have adopted sustainable goals for 2030, we at Leafymade are committed to contributing on our behalf.


Your message to the world:

We as human have one thing in common and that is we all live on the same planet. So each of our actions has an effect on each other. Thus our message to the world is to keep pushing towards a more sustainable lifestyle and help each other in reducing individual footprint. Leafymade and its team are committed towards this goal and we wish for even more synergy among all stakeholders of our planet Earth.

If you want to know more about Leafymade and follow their news, please check out their website: https://leafymade.se/