by Elena Freddi - 07/12/2018 - 16:55

“Due to human activity, the global environment can never again be the same as it was – the global population keeps growing fast and is expected to exceed 9 billion in 2045, which means that 70% of all species will become extinct in the next few hundred years. This problem is mainly caused by inappropriate agricultural practices.”


Can we solve this?

To try to fix this global problem, Dr. Masatoshi Funabashi joined the Sony Computer Science Laboratory to research a new type of agriculture.

Synecoculture: “the sustainable agriculture of the future that restricts the use of fertilizers or other chemicals and only uses the power of plants and animals to bring out true strength of the ecosystem.”

Burkina Faso in Dub-Saharan Africa was the place Masatoshi and his team found the greatest need and where they had the more success – from a desert wasteland to forest in one year with more than 100 types of edible plants, Burkina Faso was the first African synecoculture symposium in October 2016.

If you want to hear more and directly from Masatoshi Funabashi, do not miss our Community event in the 19th December. Grab your ticket here.


If you are excited as we are you can satisfy your appetite with Dr. Masatoshi YouTube video called “Renewing agriculture to rebuild a broken environment Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.