Foodtech Village @GastroNord chat with Urban Oasis

by Tetiana Siianko - 24/05/2018 - 12:35


We hope that success is contagious: Urban Oasis started a great cooperation with ICA! 

We asked Moa Quist, Partnership Manager, how they managed to get in or should I say to jump over the startup death valley.

The answer was straightforwardly simple “Dare to ask!” Urban Oasis grows now eight different types of microgreens and starts soon with shitake and oyster mushrooms! We also got to know that it is the hardest to grow coriander since it takes the longest time. And if you got hooked on the microgreens since they are deliciously addictive, do know - Johannes, rocket engineer, sometimes plays trumpet for the greens!  Don’t believe it? Check out their Instagram page! Yes, and they will be raising an A round soon! Investors - hurry up! 

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