Is light is only to light?

by Tetiana Siianko - 24/04/2018 - 12:50

We met Oscar Hägglund, CMO at LED Tailor, a Finnish company that flew down to expo at GastroNord with our Foodtech Village community.

Oscar knows everything about the light. “LED is not only about saving power, we recognize the value of the spectrum and spectrum effect on the biological qualities, antibacterial applications. It can heavily reduce the amount of chemicals needed for disinfection. We can create an environment that acts as an antibacterial force field that degrades the bacteria. Think whiteboard. When you don’t clean it, at some point it will impossible to write on it.”

What an opportunity it has even for food sector! Indeed the future of disinfection! 

The ability of blue light to destroy microbes is based on its ability to energize naturally light-sensitive compounds inside the micro-organism so that they start producing reactive oxygen radicals. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are molecules containing a very reactive oxygen, causing the bacteria to damage ja destroy internally. Blue light has such penetrating abilities that the light used in the photon disinfection systems can even reach through biofilm produced by bacteria.


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