Foodtech Village @GastroNord: Nordic Fauna

by Tetiana Siianko - 27/04/2018 - 14:40

It was super hard to escape the tempting Nordic Fauna stand since it is ice-cream after all.

Daniel Sjöstrand, the founder and CEO of Nordic Fauna, told me in very private ice-cream smoothened conversation:  

“When we started, on the market there were only two types of ice-cream: either traditional ice-cream that is not flavor-driven, that was a way to cool your taste buds with something sweet, primarily a summer thing. And the second one is calming down ice-cream that one eats on the sofa, like Swedish godis, super sweet. What was lacking was ice-cream as a taste experience, ice-cream for adults, that bring food provenance and sustainability in question. You know that tastes and flavors bring people together and they build the identity in a positive way. I like it, you don't like it we will still have a fantastic time together!”.

Speaking about flavours, you definitely check out blueberry and dragon, oven-baked hay, miso yuzu.. 

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