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Food Frauds you have forgotten

by Peter Ingman - 30/08/2017 - 19:05

Every year food fraud costs the world economy $40 billion a year.

So we are not only throwing away 30% of all food, but we are trying to defraud others in buying, eating wrong or unhealthy produce and products. Here’s a number of scandals that you may have forgotten.

One of the biggest scandals in history would probably be the fake milk scandal in China 2008.

Worldwide safety concerns were sparked when high levels of industrial chemical melamine was found in powdered and ordinary milk from leading companies across China. The scale of the problem was horrifying. At least six babies died and a further 300,000 were taken ill after drinking tainted milk. The scandal culminated in the bankruptcy of dairy suppliers the Sanlu Group and the sentencing of 21 executives and milk producers, two of whom were given the death penalty.

Here’s Chris Elliott describing among other frauds, how Findus got caught using horse meet instead of beef.


Some of the larger scandals that we have forgotten would include Fanta. Fanta the soda, was a former re-naming trick by Coca Cola to continue to sell their stuff to the Nazis during the WII.

Now when all artefacts that points to racism is taken away, or covered, in the US, maybe we should cover all the 90 different flavors of Fanta in the Stores around the world.

Mad Cow’s is another one. Probably the best campaign (irony) from the vegetarians this century.

Bird Flu isn’t a “fraud” but most certainly meant that we killed off a lot of innocent birds and changed our view of nuggets for ever.

McDonalds was frying their potatoes in beef flavored oil. Well:

As a result of the scandal, McDonald’s donated $10 million to Hindu groups and others for their labeling faux pas. Many Hindus hold that the cow is sacred and would never dream of eating beef in any form. Vegetarians and non-beef eaters were outraged over the scandal.

Hardcore fans of the chain, however, continued to support McDonald’s and their tasty fries. It’s still the biggest fast food chain on the planet regardless of their anti-vegetarian menu

In the Nordics we were especially appalled by the use of horse-meat instead of beef, false labeling of old minced beef by ICA (but of most certainly a number of other retailers as well).

Another one being when our army supplies of meat from the -70’ies were sold to Poland. Swedish article in SvD here.

False beverages, such as overprized wine bottles or missleading olive oils (that didn’t contain the olive part..) are normal frauds in these perspectives. Read the description folks and start being suspicious. If you can handle swedish or good at Google Translate you can check in on Swedens food-detective on the site Äkta Vara where they report of all strange things happening in the land of food products.

The most bizarre story we have found during the research was the fraud of fake eggs! How is that even possible?

a Chinese newspaper uncovered a different type of counterfeit — fake chicken eggs. The "eggs" were really a chemical concoction of resin, starch, coagulants and pigments to achieve the proper colour. 

Other interesting articles about recent food frauds around the world.